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Automation24 expands their portfolio with the addition of Norgren, a world leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control technologies

Automation24 proudly announces the addition of Norgren pneumatic components to its portfolio, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey. With this strategic move, Automation24 broadens its scope and capabilities to better serve its customers.

Norgren air preparation products currently offered by Automation24 include regulators, filters, combination units (filter/regulator/lubricator), valves, and accessories. These proven air preparation products are built to overcome the common challenges of using compressed air.

The Norgren Excelon Plus 1/4″ PTF combination unit, for example, combines several system-critical components: a 40 µm filter for particle and moisture removal, a high-performance pressure regulator, and a highly effective lubricator. The combination of these elements ensures efficient compressed air control while protecting sensitive equipment and extending the life of all system components.

Additional lines from Norgren will be added throughout 2024, including pneumatic and electric actuators, control valves, vacuum generators, and air preparation solutions for process/food and beverage applications. With this expanded portfolio, Automation24 will ultimately be able to provide customers with a comprehensive suite of Norgren compressed air solutions to meet the demands of applications that include factory automation, material handling, commercial vehicles, rail, life sciences, packaging, process control, and food and beverage.

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