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BuTech Subsea Valves Gain API 6A and 17D Qualification

BuTech, a manufacturer of high-pressure valves, has qualified its subsea ball valves in the highest safety and performance standards in subsea specifications.

The API 6A and 17D specifications are standard quality and reliability performance measurements for critical subsea wellhead equipment. BuTech’s subsea valves met these standards and exceeded them in some areas of qualification testing.

In subsea critical systems, nothing is more important than structural integrity to assure performance, safety, and reliability. The requirements for subsea equipment are similar to those for aircraft components.

BuTech subsea valves are designed to meet critical requirements for pressure control in the deepest water and harshest environments in the offshore oil and gas industry. As wells have become deeper, pressures have increased. Because of this, BuTech continues to make design and performance improvements to meet these challenges. BuTech’s subsea, needle, ball, and block-and-bleed valves are installed in demanding oil and gas applications.

For more information, visit: https://www.haskel.com/products/butech-high-pressure-valves/subsea-ball-valves/.

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