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Schroeder Rebrands and Expands Some Products

Schroeder Industries recently rebranded and expanded two product types.

Air Fusion Technology Filter

Schroeder unveiled an all-new filtration concept sure to dominate the space typically owned by low-performing spin-on oil filters.

Schroeder is rebranding its Spin-In filter to the Air Fusion Technology filter. This product ranges up to 100 psi (7 bar) and flow rates of up to 40 gpm (151 lpm) with an 8-inch element or 20 gpm (76 lpm) with a 4-inch element.

The AFT filter is an in-to-out flow filter that allows outlet flow to exit into the tank radially, in turn decreasing exit velocity. The patented element design allows for better deaeration inside the tank with shorter dwell time.

The AFT filter features a toolless element replacement process with a 360° swivel connection. This feature allows the line to stay connected during element changeouts. The elements have a patented feature that maintains quality protection within a system. This ensures the hydraulic fluid is being filtered by only the highest quality elements on the market.

This technology gives Schroeder Industries the ability to size down a reservoir and achieve better flow dynamics. The AFT is the next generation of in-tank filtration, helping save the customer money on oil and steel costs, and minimizing downtime.

BestFit Element Series

Schroeder recently announced the further expansion the BestFit Element Series starting with 28 new crossovers.

Schroeder Industries strives to keep hydraulic systems running at optimum performance. With the BestFit Element Series, replacement elements are engineered and tested to the highest quality standards. With over 40,000 crosses currently offered online, Schroeder continues to expand the BestFit Element Series.

Schroeder introduced a new BestFit Element Series to replace Competitor P’s 15CN, 40CN, and 80CN medium-pressure coreless filter elements. The new series will replace the Ecoglass III series with a stronger and better performing coreless element. The high-performing Excellement Z-Media utilizing epoxy wire mesh for support structure ensures a stronger media pack for not only greater dirt-holding capacity but beta efficiency and stability compared to the plastic mesh support of the Ecoglass III series.

For a detailed list of crossovers, email allie.carpenter@schroederindustries.com or jeremiah.allshouse@schroederindustries.com. For more information, call (800) 722-4810 or visit schroederindustries.com/.

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