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What Careers Are There In Fluid Power?

fluid power career options

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Sales Engineer

Salary: $100,000 per year*
2026 Job Outlook: 80,100
Degree: Bachelor’s

Manufacturing Sales Representative

Salary: $60,530 per year*
2026 Job Outlook: 1,913,300
Degree: Bachelor’s

Industrial Machinery Mechanic

Salary: $49,100 per year*
2026 Job Outlook: 508,500
Degree: Associate’s

Mechanical Engineer

Salary: $84,190 per year*
2026 Job Outlook: 314,100
Degree: Bachelor’s

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Salary: $54,480 per year*
2026 Job Outlook: 48,480
Degree: Associate’s

Visit nfpahub.com/careers for more information.

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*Salaries represent median pay source: All statistics from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


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