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Why Certification Is Important

Do you want your employees to be over-the-top quality? Want your vendors to be outstanding? Want every mechanic, engineer, and technician working on every one of your machines, trucks, or systems to be first class? Employers, customers, and employees in the fluid power industry all benefit from IFPS certification.

When clients work with IFPS-certified individualsthey are assured of

“In today’s busy and demanding business arena, certification is a great way to make sure individuals can ‘walk the talk’ and not just talk it.”
Mark Perry, CFPHS, Fitzsimmons Hydraulics, Inc.

  • a more highly skilled workforce
  • improved safety
  • improved reliability
  • greater efficiency
  • reduced liability
  • decreased environmental impact

When individuals are IFPS-certified, their level of expertise can

  • excel their career path
  • make them more marketable
  • increase their earning potential

Best of all…IFPS certification is portable – it goes with the individual wherever their career takes them.

IFPS certifies thousands of fluid power professionals each year and serves as the industry standard for assessing the knowledge and skill level of individuals in the fluid power and motion control industry. This can provide you with a safe, more efficient workforce.

“By mandating IFPS certification for our entire sales force, we are showing our customers that our staff is fully knowledgeable about the products we provide to the industry. This level of product competence sets our sales force ahead of the rest.”
– Jon Jensen, CFPAI, SMC Corp. of America

The IFPS is the only organization that provides comprehensive technical certification offerings for all professionals in the fluid power and motion control industry. IFPS certifications are portable and recognized industry wide. Individuals must re-certify every five years to assure their skills and knowledge have kept pace with the industry.

Through its multifaceted work in education, training, and certification, the IFPS strengthens and advances professional careers in the fluid power workforce. The IFPS is committed to facilitating and promoting the advancement of technology and professionalism of the fluid power and motion control industry through awareness, education, and certification.

Visit www.ifps.org for more information.


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