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Dear IFPS Associate

During this unprecedented time, the IFPS is making every effort to keep our ship sailing smoothly. However, I ask for your patience with any orders you may place over the next few weeks as state restrictions mandate a modified in-office work schedule.

By now, everyone should be very aware to socially distance ourselves from others. To embrace this unfortunate new-norm, the IFPS has instituted a number of new initiatives including a free, Online Study Group for the Hydraulic and Pneumatic Specialists Certifications. This could be a perfect time for you to start preparing for a Certification test or gathering recertification professional development points.

Free Online Certification Study Groups – Every Tuesday and Thursday an IFPS Accredited Instructor will lead a one-hour, free, online study group for one to two Outcomes in the Hydraulic Specialist and Pneumatic Specialist Certification Study Manuals. An Outcome handout will be available. However, we recommend a study manual to participate properly:

  • Members may download these study manuals for free.
  • Non-members may purchase a study manual flash drive (or a print copy) or become an IFPS Member and download a free copy.
  • You can also register for a Specialist Certification Test with a “to be determined” test date and receive a free downloadable study manual.

Certifications expiring in 2020?– We’ve got you covered. The IFPS will grant six-month grace periods for recertifications. To request the grace period, please email Stephanie Coleman at scoleman@ifps.org.

Membership expiring in 2020? – We are committed to accommodating those members who may face financial difficulties in the upcoming months. If your membership is expiring in 2020 and you would like to request a three-month extension, you may make that request by emailing askus@ifps.org.

Upcoming Web seminars – The IFPS is waiving the registration fee for all upcoming Web seminars. This could be a perfect time to get those recertification points you’ll need when it’s time for you to recertify.

Certification test candidates – I’ve notified our upcoming certification test candidates with instructions on how to reschedule their tests. The IFPS will waive all reschedule fees until December 31, 2020. If you have any questions about test locations and schedules, please call IFPS headquarters at 856-424-8998 or email Kyle Pollander at kpollander@ifps.org.


Please do not hesitate to contact us. I thank you for your continued support of the IFPS!

Stay safe and healthy-

Donna Pollander, ACA
IFPS Executive Director

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