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Emerson Awards ASCO Engineering Scholarships

Emerson recently announced the recipients of its 2020 ASCO Engineering Scholarships.

Gillian Barach of Toronto, Ohio, a biomedical engineering major at the University of Akron, and Jacob Lackner of Frenchtown, Montana, a mechanical engineering major at Montana State University, were each awarded a $5,000 scholarship and granted an additional $1,000 to the engineering department of each of their colleges.

Barach is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering, biomaterials and tissues track, at the University of Akron, with an expected graduation date of May 2023. A Williams Honors College Scholar, she turned her childhood delight of building and taking apart anything that she could find into a lifelong interest in engineering where “your work can change the lives of individuals who are trusting you to help them,” she said in an Emerson press release. “I am beyond grateful for Emerson and their support. It is an amazing honor to be acknowledged by such a prestigious company.”

Lackner is pursuing a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and a minor in aerospace engineering at Montana State University, with an expected graduation date of December 2021. Lackner is exploring the application of engineering in industries ranging from aerospace to energy to advanced prosthetics. 

“We live in an incredible time where technology and engineering can drastically change lives for the better,” he said in the press release. “We must utilize this advantage to increase the quality of life around the world.”

Each spring over the past 13 years, Emerson has opened its ASCO Engineering Scholarship Program to U.S. citizens and legal U.S. residents. Applicants must have completed their sophomore year in a bachelor’s degree program or be enrolled in a graduate program at an accredited U.S. educational institution at the time of application. 

The ASCO Engineering Scholarship Program is an integral component of Emerson’s global commitment to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education. To date, Emerson has distributed $156,000 in scholarships and grants through its ASCO Engineering Scholarship Program, supporting 26 outstanding engineering students and their colleges.

For application details, visit https://go.emersonautomation.com/asco-engineering-scholarship.

To view past recipients, visit www.asco.com/en-us/Pages/scholarship-winners.aspx.

For more information on Emerson, visit www.emerson.com/en-us.

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