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Gestamp North America: Learning, Development, and Certification for a Global Industry

Gestamp’s strength as a global organization relies upon its people’s values and professional skills. We encourage continuous learning through networking and knowledge-sharing activities in all business areas, such as research and development, product and process design, sales, production, supply, and quality.  We are committed to developing our team, encouraging geographical and functional mobility in all our professionals.


We have set ourselves the goal of attracting the best people, inviting them to actively participate in our learning and development programs, such as the Master in International Industrial Project Management, Dual Vocational Qualification Programs, the Global Executive Management Program, High-Performance Learning Paths, etc., developed in cooperation with universities, business schools, and technical schools worldwide.

In this global environment, much of the learning takes place through Gestamp Global Learning, our Corporate University, which embodies the latest virtual learning trends to enable us to deliver the right content to the right professional at the right moment.


We are aware that people are the most important asset for developing and growing our business. That is why we take special care of our employees with human resources management based on the following principles:

  • Care for health and safety
  • Promotion of continuous learning and career development
  • Equal opportunities
  • Reconciliation of professional and personal life
  • Respectful relationships with our employees
  • Fostering of communication and participation
  • Creation of social benefits

Last year, we began certification training, which has dramatically decreased downtime and costs because our technicians are trained to systematically troubleshoot equipment and not simply swap out parts until the machine runs again. Since certification training teaches proper installation techniques, repeat repair calls have virtually been eliminated because they now “do it right the first time.”


Unexpected benefits arose from the certification process – primarily the sense of ownership and teamwork that resulted from the IFPS training. It has also instilled a greater sense of value and professionalism in the staff.

I have heard many managers say they cannot afford to have training for their staff; I say you cannot afford not to.


About the Company

Gestamp is an international group dedicated to the design, development, and manufacture of metal automotive components. The group specializes in developing innovatively designed products to achieve increasingly safer and lighter vehicles, thereby reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

The company was founded in 1997 with the goal of being a global supplier with a focus on technology. Since that time, Gestamp has grown steadily, progressively adding new products and technologies, making it a leader in the design and manufacture of automotive components and a leading manufacturer in the automotive industry worldwide, especially in “hot stamping.”


The 32,000 employees at Gestamp believe in growth and consistency, and they challenge themselves to be at the forefront of innovation in the automotive sector. They make every effort to research and develop breakthrough technologies. They remain close to their customers by being present in the big global manufacturing sectors with nearly 100 production facilities within 20 countries. They offer comprehensive solutions that cover the entire production process, from product concept to delivery at their assembly lines.

By Brian J. Szuch, CFPS, CFPAI

Gestamp North America is located at 2701 Troy Center Drive, Suite 150, Troy, MI 48084. Visit www.gestamp.com. Brian Szuch can be reached at bszuch@us.gestamp.com.

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