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Hydraulic Flanges Task Force Brings Change to ISO 6162-1 and 6162-2

By Robert Mackey, Manager, SAE J518 Champion, Lead Expert ISO TC131 SC4 WG2, MAIN Manufacturing Products, Inc.

ISO 6162-1/SAE J518-1 (Code 61) and ISO 6162-2/SAE J518-2 (Code 62) hydraulic flanges have been around for more than 60 years and are in common use around the world. After years of little change, new life has come to these standards. In the last few years, the standard was split into two parts: 1) metric screws were added, and 2) the 6,000 psi series has been extended to include the -40 (2-½ inches) and -48 (3 inches) sizes, as well as numerous other internal changes. In addition—a part 3, if you will—a very low-pressure flange has been added for a two-bolt.

This work was done in the SAE Fluid Conductor and Connector Technical Committee, FCCTC, through the C2 (Hydraulic Hose and Fittings Committee), then taken up to the ISO working group once passed by SAE. These groups are working on two additional parts to standardize various in-line, elbow, and tee connector blocks. They are also discussing redoing the dimensioning of the standards to follow GD&T conventions.

The C2 Committee is also looking at creating a new part (part 6) to help standardize higher-pressure flange fittings. The hydraulics industry, especially the oil and gas market and the mobile market, have been moving to higher pressures. Several manufacturers are manufacturing hydraulic hoses, pipes and tube fittings up to and beyond 50 mm (2 inches) with pressures exceeding 56 MPa (≈8,000 psi). To further this work, we are conducting a survey to find flange style fittings that are currently being manufactured for use at pressures in the 56 MPa range and sizes from -24 (1-½ inches) to -48 (3 inches).

If you would be interested in working on this task force, we are meeting in Louisville, Kentucky in September 2019. It will be sponsored by the SAE FCCTC and will include all FCCTC committee meetings, in conjunction with the USTAG to ISO/TC 131/SC 4, and the ARPM Hose Technical Committee meetings. Visitors are welcomed at all meetings and WebEx may be available if discussed beforehand.

Contact Robert Mackey at info@mainmfg.com, Gjysta Kqiraj, SAE contact person, at Gjysta.kqirai@sae.org, or Denise Husenica, NFPA/ISO contact person, at dhusenica@nfpa.com for more information.

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