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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Specialist Study Group Web Seminars

While the nation was hunkered down during quarantine, Tom Blansett, CFPAI, Dan Helgerson, CFPAI, and Ernie Parker, CFPAI, were busy conducting free biweekly online study groups. These recorded presentations are available to IFPS members and are especially helpful to those preparing for a certification test. Visit ifps.org/web-seminars to register and view the presentations and others on safety, pneumatics, actuators, hydraulic valves, electrohydraulics, contamination control, pumps, and more. Registration is free for members.


Outcome 1.2.3: Understand the application of valves – Part 1
Outcome 1.2.3: Understand the application of valves – Part 2
Outcome 2.2.3: Understanding the principles of levers
Outcome 3.1.4: Calculate the thrust for a toggle mechanism
Outcome 3.1.5: Calculate the hydraulic pressure to support jib boom loads
Outcome 3.4.3: Understand the application of logic elements (cartridge valves)
Outcome 3.5.1: Calculate the capacity of a reservoir using volume requirements
Outcome 3.5.2: Understand the limitations of the reservoir for fluid conditioning
Outcome 3.6.1: Understand the difference between isothermal and adiabatic conditions
Outcome 3.6.2: Understand the purposes of the accumulator
Outcome 3.9: Specify heat exchangers


Outcome 1.9: Understand supply side air preparation
Outcome 3.12: Understand moisture control
Outcome 3.19: Understanding critical flow velocity and sonic conductance
Outcome 2.3: Understanding moving loads with friction and incline factors
Outcome 3.10: Size and select vacuum pads
Outcome 3.18: Calculate the kinetic energy required to stop a load with a shock absorber
Outcome 4.3: Familiarization with ladder logic diagrams

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