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IFPS Launches Mentorship Program

IFPS recently announced details of its 2022 mentorship program.

The program runs from Aug. 1 to Nov. 16 and connects emerging professionals with experienced certified experts in the fluid power industry, building networks in the community and cultivating key skills that help the industry succeed.

The ideal mentee is pursuing a long-term career in fluid power and looking to network with a certified expert. The mentee learns the ins and outs of the industry while building a relationship based on trust, experience, exchange, support, and guidance. A mentee should be disciplined, focused, and willing to learn from his or her mentor. Mentees pay a $99 registration fee after acceptance into the program.

The perfect mentor is an established IFPS-
certified industry expert seeking to leverage his or her skills and positively impact a developing professional. While there is no cost to a mentor, he or she must be willing to prioritize at least eight meetings with the mentee over four months.

Only 10 spots are available.

Individuals interested in the program as mentors or mentees should apply by July 3 at www.ifpsmentorship.com/.

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