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International Power Regulated and Unregulated Linear Power Supplies from AutomationDirect

intl power linear power supplies

AutomationDirect has added International Power regulated and unregulated linear power supplies to their current lineup of open-frame linear power supplies.

The IH series regulated open-frame power supplies are designed to operate over a wide range of AC power sources. They maintain a constant output voltage, regardless of changes in input voltage or load current, and offer better voltage regulation than other types of power supplies, ensuring accurate and consistent power delivery.

The IP500U series unregulated open-frame power supplies are designed for low-cost, high-current applications when full regulation is not required. These rugged, highly reliable power supplies are ideal for powering solenoids, relays, DC motors, battery chargers, and DC-to-DC converters.

The new International Power linear power supplies are UL listed, CE marked, and RoHS compliant. They offer a 2-year warranty and start at $75.00.

Learn more by visiting: https://www.automationdirect.com/power-supplies-linear

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