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For more than 80 years, Klüber Lubrication has formulated tribological solutions for an ever-advancing industrial society. The company has developed high-quality lubricants for specific applications through consultation with OEMs and end users about specific requirements. This has earned the company a reliable reputation in the market as a global partner for specialty lubricants.

The demands of today’s fluid power and motion control industry have put an increased emphasis on maintenance and reliability departments to minimize unscheduled downtime and extend lubrication intervals. “Klüber Efficiency Support,” the company’s service approach, allows the staff to work with customers to identify critical equipment where specialty lubricants can extend lubrication intervals, reduce wear, reduce manhours for lubrication, and reduce lubricant consumption.

Pneumatic Drives

Whether in drive units, open-loop or closed-loop control systems, engineers can get quite a lot out of thin air. Pneumatic cylinders and valves take up little space, and are not only very robust but overload proof, as well. This is due to their high functional reliability and long service life; both are subject to the problem-free operation of seals being in contact with mostly metal pistons and cylinders.

Because friction and wear must be minimized, lubricants that are suitable for a wide variety of operating conditions are of vital importance. Factors such as ambient temperatures, sliding speeds, and normal forces must be taken into account by the manufacturers of the highly complex tribological systems that are pneumatic drives.

Klüber Lubrication has developed optimized solutions for pneumatic applications and has been working on the tribological aspects of pneumatic components for decades. The company provides efficient lubricant solutions, created by approximately 2,000 staff at more than 30 companies worldwide. They are close to customers, working as a team, interacting internationally for cross-disciplinary synergy—in R&D, product testing, and in production facility utilization. This ensures that customers benefit from a consistently high level of quality. Customers are supplied with what they need, right on time, and fully in line with their requirements in terms of optimized capacity utilization for their production facilities.

The Company’s Product Portfolio

  • kluber2Oils: adhesive lubricating oils, electrical contact oils, gear oils, high-temperature chain oils, low-temperature chain oils, multi-purpose oils, needle and sinker oils, running-in oils for cylinders or needle cams, separating and assembly oils, sliding agents, special chain oils
  • Greases: assembly greases, electrical contact greases, gear transmission greases, high-speed greases, high-temperature greases, low-temperature greases, plastic lubricating greases, rolling bearing greases, sealing and lubricating greases, valve greases
  • Pastes: lubricating and assembly pastes for -45°C up to 150°C, lubricating and assembly pastes for 150/200°C up to 1,200°C
  • Bonded coatings: bonded coatings for general applications in machine building, bonded coatings for metals and elastomer
  • Waxes: chain lubricating waxes, lubricating wax emulsions
  • Corrosion Protection: rust inhibitors, rust removers

Company at a Glance

  • Founded by Theodor Klüber in Munich, Germany in 1929
  • Klüber companies in more than 30 different countries
  • Sales partners in another 40 different countries
  • Approximately 2,000 staff worldwide, more than half of them in sales
  • Internationally collaborative research and development, testing, and applications engineering with around 200 experts in specialty lubricants
  • In-house process engineering
  • In-house design and construction of manufacturing lines, metrological, and testing equipment
  • Unique test bay with more than 130 tribometers
  • In-house quality assurance at all production sites
  • Comprehensive certification to internationally recognized occupational safety, environmental management, and quality standards of the automotive, food, and beverage industries
  • Worldwide compliance management for legislation relating to eco-management, chemicals, customs clearance, imports, and exports
  • Worldwide logistics

For more information, visit www.klubersolutions.com or call 603-647-4104.


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