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2013 IFPS Spring Meeting Recap

Special thanks to the 35 International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) professional members who recently met in San Antonio, Tex., to conduct the IFPS 2013 spring meeting. These dedicated members steer the Board of Directors meeting, committee meetings, and strategic-planning sessions, and are instrumental in driving the IFPS forward in its mission.

Highlights of the meeting:

Safety cards – Laminated safety cards are in the works and will be issued in the upcoming months to all IFPS members, future members, and certified non-members. The safety card will contain important information on treating fluid power injuries. They will be available to the public soon.

Fluid Power Apps – A subcommittee was formed to research the potential development of fluid power apps.

Free Memberships – One free membership will be offered to an individual who starts a local IFPS chapter. The Board also voted to offer each existing active chapter one free membership to be given to an individual chapter member.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Boy Scout Merit Badge – Substantial progress has been made in the development of a Hydraulic and Pneumatic Merit Badge. A recent meeting between the IFPS and the Boy Scouts of America was extremely successful and encouraging. Stay tuned for updates on how you can get involved in this exciting youth-in-the-industry endeavor.

Job Performance Kit Upgrades – Kit upgrades will be sent to all IFPS job performance proctors to reflect the recent updates made to the mechanic, technician, and connector and conductor job performance test.

In addition to board and committee meetings, the meeting attendees toured the Southwest Research Institute® and enjoyed an impromptu visit to The Alamo.

Want to get involved? If you are interested in joining one of our committees (certification, education, membership and chapters, and/or marketing and public relations), please e-mail info@ifps.org

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