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KOBOLD Updates Digital Pressure Gauge

KOBOLD has released the latest versions of its electronic digital pressure gauge.

Model MAN-SC is battery powered and model MAN-LC is 24Vdc powered with an IO-link.

Outwardly the two versions look similar, but they are each defined differently. The battery-powered instrument is defined as a digital pressure gauge, while the 24Vdc version is defined as a digital pressure transmitter.

KOBOLD’s previous digital pressure gauge, the MAN-SD, remained in production for 23 years, proving a very rugged and popular instrument. With that record of durability and reliability in mind, KOBOLD carefully developed the new MAN-SC/LC instruments, prioritizing these core values but also incorporating the wishes of customers worldwide to produce a high-quality digital pressure gauge for traditional applications but that reaches out to new sectors.

The new alpha-numeric 14-segment reflective LC‑display screen has a five-digit display and digit height of 0.63 inches. The electronic screen module can be rotated in 90ᵒ increments, ideal for side-mounted or inverted installations. The gauge head position can be radially adjusted after installation for perfect positioning. Access to the screen options is by capacitive touch pads.

A range of measuring units are accessible in the programming menu, including kPa, MPa, bar, mbar, psi, kN, N, torr, inWC, mmWC, inHg, and USR (user-defined measuring unit). It features peak memory, password protection, and a reset-to-factory setting. Battery life with 9V Lithium is up to 22,500 hours (2.5 years). A zero (tare) function is now more easily accessible from within the menu, ideal for calibration.

For more information, visit www.koboldusa.com.

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