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Large-Capacity Bladder Accumulators

p-fecBladder accumulators in sizes up to 45-gallon capacity enable the use of fewer accumulators (as compared to smaller 10, 11, or 15-gallon sizes) and their respective valves, fittings, hardware, etc., to achieve the same result. The large-size accumulators are suitable for applications requiring large fluid volume, such as steel mills, rubber-molding machines, paper mills, and processing plants. The accumulators are manufactured and certified in accordance with ASME Section VII, Division 1, and are rated at 3000 psi. The shells are made of spun Cr-Mo steel and come standard with Buna-N bladders. Top-repairable design provides easy access for maintenance without removing the accumulator from the pipeline.

Fluid Energy Controls Inc., www.fecintl.com

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