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Servo-Proportional Valve

AxisPro-Proportional-Directional-Valve-Size-3The expansion of the AxisPro® product line now includes a two-stage, D08 size design featuring valve position feedback on the pilot and main stage. The valves offer onboard motion control, enabling closed-loop drive control without the need for expensive motion control cards. Together with the ability to configure the valve using Pro-FX® Configure software, the valve simplifies machine control. The valve also features built-in diagnostic light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and a CANopen bus that makes system commissioning and debugging easier. The KBH valve features 375-lpm rated flow at 10-bar pressure, 350-bar maximum pressure rating, and 30-msec step response with 100-bar pilot pressure. The valve is ambient temperature rated for -25°C to 70°C and IP 65/67 ingress protection rated.

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