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Leybold Launches New Pump Series

Leybold recently launched its new TUBOVAC iR, a complete turbomolecular pump series.

Derived from the TUBOVAC i family, the iR models replace the former TURBOVAC ClassicLine pumps and meet the requirements of high-end research customers. With high radiation tolerances and flexible remote operation, the TURBOVAC iR was designed for flexible remote operation. The products were also designed to resist the challenges in environments with high to very high ionizing radiation, for which Leybold offers special cable lengths of up to 200 meters. The iR models were developed using the existing material knowledge of the research community: As a result, the materials they contain have radiation tolerances of up to 1 million grays (Gy).

The new iR models are designed to meet the technical requirements of the high-energy physics market. This makes them predestined for applications such as synchrotrons (particle accelerators), cyclotrons (circular accelerators), linear accelerators, and free-electron lasers.

Another elementary condition in these application areas is the absolute purity of the pump: this core requirement is fulfilled by the oil-free operation of the bearing system of the new TURBOVAC iR series. The TURBOVAC iR also supports all relevant communication options of the TURBOVAC I, USB, 15-pin digital I/O and all serial and fieldbus options of the TURBO.DRIVE 500e. Another advantage: The new integrated TURBO.DRIVE controller automatically recognizes the pump model and immediately adjusts to the specific operating modes.

The TURBOVAC iR range completely covers all existing members of the TUBOVAC i family with pumping speeds from 90 to 950 l/s. In parallel, Leybold will successively expand the accessories range of supporting controllers and cable options to meet customer needs for additional cable lengths and intelligent solutions. The intelligent Controller TURBO.DRIVE 500eC has been released in April and the TURBOVAC iR sizes 1350 and 1450 will follow in the third quarter of 2022 together with the more powerful controller option to realize even longer cable lengths.

For more information, visit www.leybold.com/en.

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