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Sun Hydraulics Launches Valve Technology that Converts Hydraulic Flow

Sun Hydraulics recently introduced a cartridge valve that converts hydraulic flow into electric energy.

Sun Hydraulics, a Helios Technologies company, launched ENERGEN, a new product in the recently announced ecoline program.

The rising costs of fuel, increasing use of electrification, and introduction of battery-powered electric vehicles are increasing the importance of electrical power management. Sun Hydraulics’ ENERGEN solution is a timely direct response to what the market wants.

Starting with the understanding of the increasing requirement for electric power and the issue of parasitic energy loss in hydraulics, Sun created this innovative check valve solution in record time. The energy regeneration capability of the ENERGEN cartridge valve is attributed to an integrated generator that converts otherwise lost power into usable energy. This energy can be redirected to control electronics such as solenoid valves and sensors or to charge a battery within an application’s system. The highly engineered generator-within-a-cartridge valve produces supplemental electrical power in situations where increasing demands of electrification have made some electrical power sources insufficient. Equally as important, ENERGEN provides energy where manufacturers have traditionally not been able to run an electrical harness, unlocking functionality that was previously not possible.

For more information, visit www.sunhydraulics.com.

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