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Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic Certification for Today’s Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic

The soon-to-be-released upgraded Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic (MHM) Certification Study Manual reflects the knowledge and skills needed for today’s mobile hydraulic mechanic. It will align more closely with the European Fluid Power Committee and CETOP.

The IFPS strives to review all certifications every five years to keep IFPS competency-based certifications relevant in all fluid power applications. The upgraded MHM study manual compiles all the information necessary to pass both the written (knowledge) and job performance (practical ability) certification tests.

Areas of the Study Manual that were added and improved:

  • Principles of operation explained for commonly found components within a mobile hydraulic system – pumps, valves, actuators, and accessories
  • Color-coded cutaway illustrations of hydraulic components to aid in understanding operation
  • Symbology updated to conform to ISO 1219 standard
  • Expanded content on troubleshooting to include decision-tree aids
  • Detailed content on pressure, flow, and directional control valves
  • Improved graphics throughout and many real-life photos to assist in visualization
  • Basic hydraulic calculations useful in troubleshooting
  • Safety tips
  • Basic principles of electrohydraulic control – open loop and closed loop
  • Electrohydraulic valves
  • Sensors used in electrohydraulic systems

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