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Turning Unstable Oil Into Usable Oil

Mechanic in a Bottle

B3C Fuel & Oil Solutions’ Mechanic In A Bottle Hydraulic Oil Fix & Stabilizer encapsulates water to turn unusable oil into usable oil. It helps reduce waste-oil and the need for new oil. It is easy to use, low-cost, immediately beneficial, and results improve over time.

Hydraulics run the world, but water contaminated hydraulic oil can shut it down. In fact, the most damaging contaminant in all oils, including new and stored oils, is water.

Water content increases over time and will come out of suspension leading to white gummy masses in various areas of equipment (that cannot be flushed). This emulsified oil leads to corrosion, rust, reduced or no lubrication, sludge, poor viscosity, and other problems. At a water content of 300 parts-per-million in oil, damage has already occurred in equipment (e.g., bearing failure, seal damage and leaks, blown hoses, clogged filters, increased oil acidity, etc.). The result is loss of productivity and downtime, missed deadlines, costly repairs, lost revenue, safety issues, waste oil, and more.

Mechanic In A Bottle Hydraulic Oil Fix & Stabilizer works across the industry in a multitude of equipment and applications, and it works in any oil including hydraulic fluid, gear oil, engine oil (conventional and synthetic), transmission fluid, transfer case oil, and more.

Mechanic in a Bottle

It can be used in three ways: 1. Quickly FIX milky, emulsified hydraulic fluid. 2. Flush and clean the oil system. 3. Preventative maintenance. By fixing and preventing the issues caused by water contaminated (emulsified) oil, Mechanic In A Bottle Hydraulic Oil Fix & Stabilizer is poised to positively impact and improve the industry in terms of workforce, productivity, performance, safety, sustainability, and more. A product demo can be seen at https://youtu.be/xIqduoBg5do.

For more information, go to www.b3cfuel.com/product/hydraulic-oil-fix-fixes. or at the main site www.b3cfuel.com, and they can also be reached at 843-347-0482.

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