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Profile: Engrenage Provincial Inc.

An Interview with Maxime Moisan, ing., MASc., CFPS, Director of Training

Engrenage Provincial Inc. (EP) is a distributor and integrator of hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and pneumatic products established in 1972. It has four branches in the province of Quebec in Canada. With more than 40 years of experience in these fields, they offer manufacturing, road service design, consulting, and training.


What makes your company stand out in the industry?

The scope of our services, our innovative side, and our staff. This gives us a good reputation of helping our customers when they would otherwise give up on a situation.

What role does IFPS certification play at your company?

Certification is a goal we have always wanted to achieve to help convince our customers of our capabilities. We provide our qualifications every time we finish a job, but certification is an argument to demonstrate our commitment before even starting a job.

Has certification changed the way your company does business in terms of efficiency, reduced costs, etc.?

Certification helps us gain contracts and credibility. Some EP directors have been certified for years, but we wanted to expand this throughout our four company branches. So, since Spring 2016, 21 out of the 21 technicians and engineers that took the CFPHS test all passed! They studied hard, which gave them good results.

Why is IFPS certification important for the fluid power industry?

Generally speaking, certification is good for the fluid power industry because it is a guarantee of skills; IFPS-certified professionals are recognized as proficient in their field.

Maxime can be reached at mmoisan@engrenageprovincial.com. For more information on the Engrenage Provincial, visit www.engrenageprovincial.com.

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