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Profile: Roger Betten, CFPHS


Roger Betten is the current president of MFP Automation Engineering. He has nearly 30 years of fluid power experience with numerous technical certifications over the years, most recently the Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist (CFPHS) designation. His passions include his family, serving his customers, God, and hunting.

How did you get started in the fluid power industry?

For me, fluid power runs in my blood. MFP will be a third-generation, family-owned company originally started by my family in 1991. My passion for the industry only grows as I see the exciting opportunities for expansion and how much more we are able to offer our customers.

I’ve always been heavily interested in serving people and creating relationships. Working in fluid power has combined my love of manufacturing, engineering, fluid power, and unforgettable people, relationships, and customers. This industry is a perfect hybrid of all of those aspects. It allows me, my family, and the great employees at MFP to truly enjoy what we do every single day.

As we look forward to celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary next year, it is especially exciting to see the success story the employees and customers have allowed us to create from a small manufacturing shop first located in Grandville, Mich.

Why did you decide to pursue certification?

Becoming CFPHS certified through IFPS wasn’t an option. The knowledge gained through the IFPS creates a direct tie-in with serving our customers and better understanding this ever-changing industry. We are continually looking for opportunities to expand our knowledge within the fluid power industry and to become more credible. Becoming certified has allowed me, our engineering team, and technical sales team to keep a leg up on our competition, as well as obtain the most up-to-date information and knowledge the industry has to offer.

The investment of obtaining this certification has proven invaluable. There seems to be a respect within the industry for those who see the significance in great organizations, such as the IFPS. As we grow and add employees, we will continue to add certification goals to our technical positions within MFP.

How would you describe the certification process?

The experience was efficient and exceedingly worthwhile. I have already seen a return on my investment of time and energy to procure this certification. Upon registering for the certification, the organization was quick with communication to let me know how the upcoming process would be and what to expect.

The study guides were a great reminder of the importance of continued learning. We preferred the one-week refresher training and then the official certification testing on the last day; this approach not only taught our team best practices, but also confirmed our company culture for continuous learning.

The IFPS certification has taught me the importance of safety, education, and observing and maintaining skill levels of our employees. The certification was comprehensive and exemplified the importance of all facets and positions within our company. We not only have engineers on staff, but also sales specialists, technicians, and mechanics. The combined team effort and up-to-date knowledge is what keeps our company at the forefront of success.

How has certification helped your career?

Being IFPS certified has assisted in numerous capacities. From building relationships to understanding fluid power systems design even better, the certification has reignited aspects of interest in the field for me.

This certification program has become defensible to any issues that may arise in the principles and application through the industry and related challenges. The coursework was inspiring, practical, and has lent knowledge and understanding to real-life applications that we don’t always address in the moment.

When others in the industry see the insignia of being CFPHS certified through IFPS, there is a deeper understanding and respect for the effort it took to obtain that certification. That alone has proven the value of IFPS.

How has certification changed the way MFP does business in terms of efficiency, reduced costs, etc.?

Certification has allowed us to stay ahead of the competition by offering better solutions to our customers in situations where they are not just comparing the total quoted price. Certification allows us to enter conversations with fresh new technical ideas, and almost demands a level of respect for our solution and product presentations in today’s fast-paced world. We believe that staying on top of the certifications and promoting new employees to strive for this certification allows MFP to add a higher value to our customers by offering greater technical solutions that may not always be the most cost-effective solution up front but offer the highest payback for our customers in the long run.

Why is certification important to the fluid power industry?

The fluid power industry is continually expanding and growing into the future and offering solutions to numerous other industries. Without the knowledge and certification that IFPS offers, students and the upcoming workforce could potentially miss out on some of the most valuable applications and education. The better the individuals are trained, the better the industry is as a whole. Missing out on this pertinent certification puts the industry in jeopardy of the great information and education potentially being overlooked.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting the IFPS certification process?

The course is valuable, comprehensive, and advanced. If interested in the certification, be prepared for an intense coursework and deeper understanding of the fluid power industry. The certification is as valuable as you allow it to be. I would recommend taking the course to anyone seriously invested in the industry. Certification provides time in class, on-site, and with real applications for an even deeper understanding of the material.

Where do you see the fluid power industry heading in the next 10 years?

With the advancement of technology and online marketing, I see the fluid power industry launching far into numerous other industries that may not even know they could have a great dependence on fluid power. Our company believes the more we can add on to a product and become an expert in turn-key solutions, the better suited we are for the future. Hiring on a team of electro-mechanical engineers for panel assembly has provided great success. The direct tie-in to becoming a one-stop shop for our customers has been invaluable. It saves the end-user time, money, and potential misunderstanding of the originally built system. These expertly crafted add-ons have added so much value, and that’s where we see the future of the fluid power industry heading.

Roger Betten can be reached at rbetten@mifp.com. For more information on MFP Automation Engineering, visit www.mifp.com.

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