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Profile: J.H. Fletcher & Co.

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J.H. Fletcher & Co. is a worldwide manufacturer of underground mining equipment. Through innovative designs and a constant dedication to quality, safety, and its customers, the company plans to remain competitive in the future global market.

An interview with David Cooper, Vice President of Risk Management

What makes J.H. Fletcher & Co. stand out in the fluid power industry?

J.H. Fletcher & Co. has been a distinguished name in the mining industry since 1937. The company maintains a business focus on the core values set by its founder: increasing safety and production by product design, innovation through research and development, quality control in manufacturing, experienced service personnel, and ownership stability. Today, Fletcher is a leading manufacturer of underground mine roof bolting machines, designed to meet a variety of mining applications. Our roof bolters are accompanied by an entire line of underground mining, tunneling, and construction equipment built for various applications. Fletcher continues to set itself apart by working directly with each customer to ensure they get the best equipment for their specific requirements.

success profile2What makes J.H. Fletcher & Co. an attractive place to work?

J.H. Fletcher & Co. has a high degree of respect for its employees and their families. In order to retain experienced employees, we offer long-term benefits and share company profits. Many employees have been with the company for over 35 years. Through specialized in-house training programs, the employees are well trained to perform their jobs, which benefits our customers.

Why is IFPS certification important to your company?

IFPS certification ensures our in-house and field technicians are knowledgable and capable of repairing complex hydraulic machines.

What are the specific benefits your company has seen by establishing a certification policy?

Certification has gained us trust from our customers as having top-trained technicians.

Why is certification important to the fluid power industry?

Certifications are important because they ensure the technicians are working safely and proficiently at understanding hydraulics. We would recommend all companies involved with hydraulics to require fluid power certifications for their employees to ensure the safety and proper use.

For more information on J.H. Fletcher & Co., visit www.jhfletcher.com. To learn more about IFPS certification, visit the International Fluid Power Society at www.ifps.org.

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