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Spartan Scientific Releases New Stepper Valve

Spartan Scientific, a manufacturer of high-quality fluid and pneumatic automation components, recently released its STEP 12, a self-contained media separated electronic proportional flow control valve. 

With more than 1,500 different positions (or steps), the STEP 12 regulates flow output and requires minimal power to maintain a desired position, maximizing energy savings.

The STEP 12 is self-contained with control circuitry (including an innovative M12 connector) for both the motor and valve embedded into the unit. This eliminates needing to purchase a separate control device, which can compromise performance. Control can be tailored to increase resolution, enhancing reliable and repeatable flows. The valve is designed for full flow under maximum pressure conditions with a 1/2-inch NPT version capable of accommodating 30 GPM of water with a maximum pressure of 150 psi. 

A multicolor onboard LED (RGB) ring indicator displays the status of the device for fast troubleshooting. A separating diaphragm designed with a specialized convolution and elliptical flow tip produces a linear flow versus valve stroke position, maintaining dry mechanical movement for long life and high flow. 

For more information visit www.spartanscentific.com.

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