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Guided Disc Slip-in Check Valve for High Pressure Service


Inserta® IGS (Steel) check valves, guided disc, slip-in type, may be considered for use in high pressure applications, and other challenging applications such as those with turbulent flow or high flow transients with low valve cracking pressures. Valves with nominal flow ratings up to 400 gpm are available.

These valves may be deployed in either axial or axial-radial flow configurations. Pressure drops are relatively low compared with screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves, resulting in increased system efficiency. The slip-in valves may be installed with the free flow in either direction.

These valves can be used in custom manifolds using Inserta® ICVR check valve retainers in axial flow applications, or Inserta® IGSP retainers for axial-radial flow applications. Flange type valve bodies for use with SAE J518 systems are also available.

Inserta® IGS (Steel) check valves, guided disc, slip-in type, are all steel construction with hardened and lapped discs and seats that provide positive fluid shut off. They are compatible with standard Inserta® ICS disc type slip-in valve cavities.

Thread-in guided disc check valves, in both steel, and stainless steel, are also available for 6000 psi service (consult factory for higher maximum working pressures-we are working on re-qualifying these valves for 500 bar service).

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania USA

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