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HYDAC Releases ‘World’s Smallest’ Directional Control Valve

HYDAC has released its HPK06 series of 5000 psi 3.5 gpm directional flow control valves.

The hydraulically piloted valve uses a screw-in cartridge. The 3-way, 2-position, spool-type direct-acting valve uses a HYDAC FC06-5 cavity with 3 work ports, and separate pilot and vent ports with open transition. The 5-port valve is ideal for handling small-priority flow control needs and is adaptable for use as a logic element. Full pressure can be applied to all ports. 

The valve is available in a variety of spring bias options, with spring options from 30 to 300 psi. It can allow bidirectional flow. It uses load-sensed priority flow control, as part of a fully adjustable pressure-compensated flow control.

For more information, visit www.hydac-na.com.



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