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NewTek Introduces LVDT Signal Conditioner for Variable Temperatures

NewTek Sensor Solutions recently introduced a new series of difference/sum LVDT signal conditioners that improve a sensor’s performance during large temperature variation.

By measuring the difference of the output over the sum (S1-S2)/(S1+S2), the NTC-6000-DS Quick-Cal LVDT signal conditioner compensates for changes in resistance in copper windings due to temperature fluctuations. As a result, the ratiometric signal conditioner is ideal for use with AC LVDTs in harsh environments with extreme temperature swings, such as aerospace test stands, packaging equipment, factory automation, turbine control systems, and steam valve positioning.

Users of the NTC-6000-DS LVDT signal conditioner can select between a ratiometric difference/sum measurement or differential (standard) measurement. Other features include self-diagnostics for sensor failures, disconnects, or short circuits; digital protocols including Modbus, CAN Bus, and RS-485; hot swap reconfiguration in which setup is saved and reloaded via the RS-485 port; intuitive setup for quick configuration by nontechnical personnel; and selectable excitation frequency, analog outputs, and bandwidth.

For more information, visit www.newteksensors.com/lvdt-sensors/ntc-6000-ds/.



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