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The National Fluid Power Association’s first-ever Power Partner is Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The university teaches fluid power at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Purdue’s undergraduate engineering technology and agricultural engineering degree programs teach a great deal of fluid power. Purdue is also involved in fluid power research projects through their graduate program at the Maha Fluid Power Research Center, the largest academic hydraulics lab in the U.S.

Purdue students in these programs graduate with fluid power knowledge and skills that make them prime job candidates in the fluid power industry. Their additional participation in NFPA’s fluid power educational programs is an added benefit.

The NFPA University Power Partner Program is a recognition program designed to showcase universities that actively participate in all NFPA fluid power educational programs. The major objective of the program is to increase teaching about fluid power in university agricultural, mechanical engineering and engineering technology degree programs while enhancing the student-to-industry connection.

To be considered as a Power Partner, the university must:

  • participate in the Speaker’s Bureau program,
  • participate in the Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge,
  • have a fluid power club,
  • host a student/industry connection event, and
  • teach the nine core fluid power competencies.

To become involved in the Power Partner Program or attend the student/industry connection event at Purdue, contact Lynn Beyer at lbeyer@nfpa.com.

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