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2013 Offshore Technology Conference

Purpose: The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) showcases state-of-the-art technology for offshore drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. OTC is a foremost world event for the development of offshore resources.

Where: Reliant Park, Houston, TX

When: May 6-9, 2013

Who Attends: Engineers, technicians, executives, operators, scientists, and managers from more than 110 countries and all fields in the offshore E&P industry

Technical Program

The OTC 2013 technical program covers a wide range of topics related to the offshore energy industry. OTC offers key insights by leading experts on emerging technologies, project updates, best practices, safety, and environmental issues, and the changing regulatory environment. Below are highlights of the 2013 program.

Offshore Regulation and Policy: Monday afternoon’s panel will offer a two-part discussion on how the industry can improve self-regulation and how the U.S. federal and state government can coordinate regulations and policies.

Expanding Role of National Oil Companies (NOCs): On Tuesday morning, a panel of executives from Petronas, Petrobras, Pemex, and others will talk about their increasing responsibilities and role within the global industry. Expanding on the panel discussion, topical breakfasts and luncheons will feature keynote presentations from these NOCs to address their specific positions. The active arena panel will focus on the perspectives of China’s offshore industry.

Project Updates: OTC offers project updates from around the world. Hear about the latest developments:

  • Cascade and Chinook Project
  • Liuhua 11-1 Semi-Submersible FPS Life Extension Project
  • BPZ CX15 Offshore Peru
  • South China Sea Deepwater Liwan Project
  • Pluto Greenfield LNG development

Wednesday morning will also feature a panel discussion on megaprojects’ opportunities and challenges.

New Topics Introduced: OTC remains at the forefront of technology. OTC 2013 will present new applications and solutions for the following topics:

  • Sub-salt geosciences
  • Safety and environmental management systems (SEMS)
  • Unconventional subsea exploration and mining
  • Deepwater HP/HT well construction
  • Fiber optics
  • Marine geohazards
  • Pore pressure prediction

A topical breakfast and luncheon will also provide an overview on the new discoveries of sub-salt in Angola and natural gas in Mozambique.

Continuing Advancements: OTC regularly presents some topics because the technology continues to improve and innovations abound. The topics below will highlight the industry’s continued advancements:

  • Flow assurance
  • Floating LNG
  • Submarine slope stability
  • Next-generation vessels
  • Deepwater metallic risers
  • Ocean mining
  • Composite piping systems
  • ROV/AUV technology
  • Subsea processing technology

Alternative Energy and Related Topics: OTC will have technical sessions that highlight new developments in local power generation for offshore facilities and geotechnical engineering for renewable energy.

For more information, contact Offshore Technology Conference, P.O. Box 833868, Richardson, TX 75080-2040; tel: 972-952-9494; e-mail: service@otcnet.org; web: www.otcnet.org.


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