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Schroeder Releases Portable Offline Filtration System

Schroeder Industries recently introduced the HFS-15 Handy Filter System, a portable offline filtration unit.

Designed in a compact, mobile package and weighing only 30 pounds, the HFS-15 cleans oil in hydraulic-fluid powered and oil-lubricated machines.

Applications of the HFS-15 include filling and flushing hydraulic systems, the temporary filtration of solid and free water contaminates from bulk oil storage, and the reclamation of serviceable, mineral-based fluids that would have otherwise incurred high disposal costs. 

Schroeder said in a May 11 press release that the HFS-15 improves the service life of components and systems, fluid service life, and machine availability while reducing the overall total cost of ownership of the machines it services. 

For additional information, email sisales@schroederindustries.com or visit www.schroederindustries.com.

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