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IFPS Certification Success Profile

Certification Success Story: Bradley Wagner

While studying agricultural and biological engineering at Penn State University, Bradley J. Wagner minored in youth and family education. Later on, he was able to tie that part of his education into his career when he earned a fluid power certification as an accredited instructor. “I saw this was kind of a good fit because […]

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Certification Success Profile: The Road to Certification

An Interview with William Henriques Souza Ignacio, CFPHS, and Luciano Lizardo de Souza GuimarÃes, CFPHS. “Let me tell you a story about William and Luciano from Brazil, two committed individuals who wanted to enrich their fluid power knowledge and then become certified. Together, they signed up for a review training class in the United States, […]

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A Different Perspective: An Interview with Alexandra “Alex” Bibaeff, CFPHS, a Newly Certified Hydraulic Specialist

How did you first become involved in the fluid power industry? Well, I think I became involved in the fluid power industry when I was just a wee thing. My father was finishing up his degree in mechanical engineering, and, with every one’s busy schedules, I would sometimes end up going to class with him. […]

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Profile: Bishwajit Ranjan

Why did you decide to work in the fluid power industry? While pursuing my engineering, I never thought of working in fluid power. Incidentally, as a young engineer, I got the opportunity to work in a large steel plant project. During installation and commissioning of the plant, I was exposed to the application of fluid […]

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Profile: Engrenage Provincial Inc.

An Interview with Maxime Moisan, ing., MASc., CFPS, Director of Training What makes your company stand out in the industry? The scope of our services, our innovative side, and our staff. This gives us a good reputation of helping our customers when they would otherwise give up on a situation. What role does IFPS certification […]

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Profile: Michael Eisinger, CFPS

How and when did your career in the fluid power industry begin? At age 20, I decided I needed to better myself. I looked into a technical school to see if something might match my skill-set. The school invited me to take an aptitude test, and the test revealed that I should own and manage […]

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Profile: J.H. Fletcher & Co.

An interview with David Cooper, Vice President of Risk Management What makes J.H. Fletcher & Co. stand out in the fluid power industry? J.H. Fletcher & Co. has been a distinguished name in the mining industry since 1937. The company maintains a business focus on the core values set by its founder: increasing safety and […]

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Profile: JEM Technical

An interview with Ross A. Fisher, CFPHS, Director of Sales and Marketing What makes JEM stand out in the fluid power industry? What sets JEM apart is our expertise in the application and design of cartridge valve and electronics technology, along with our inclusive design, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities. We have an experienced staff of […]

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Profile: Pirtek

What makes PIRTEK stand out in the industry? Our uniqueness stems from two distinct areas. First, our service technicians are available to replace failed hoses on industrial and mobile hydraulic machines, on-site, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. We offer an estimated time of arrival on-site in less than one hour from a customer’s […]

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Profile: Roger Betten, CFPHS

How did you get started in the fluid power industry? For me, fluid power runs in my blood. MFP will be a third-generation, family-owned company originally started by my family in 1991. My passion for the industry only grows as I see the exciting opportunities for expansion and how much more we are able to […]

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Executive Profile

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