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Looking Back As We Move Forward

By Donna Pollander, ACA, Executive Director of the International Fluid Power Society

Definition of anniversary the annual recurrence of a date marking a notable event

As the Fluid Power Journal celebrates its 25th anniversary next month, it got me thinking about what I was reading 25 years ago.

Since I was celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary, working full-time, and raising three boys (we added another boy a few years later), I was more than likely reading Family Fun magazine. The magazine contained everything from recipes to vacation tips to crafts for children. Looking back, I wish I had focused a little more on the “8 Ways To Motivate Your Kids to do Chores” article!

Of course, 25 years ago, information was not at my fingertips the way it is now and just like the Fluid Power Journal, the magazine was delivered by the U.S. mail. I looked forward to receiving it every month. Of course, today the Journal is delivered electronically too.

I can’t help but think about the information and news the Journal has seen over the last 25 years. A magazine can shape our lives with articles written about anything from what to wear to DIY projects. And the Fluid Power Journal is no exception.

It has shaped its readers professional lives with current industry trends, innovations in fluid power, career development articles, and in-depth articles for every discipline and job responsibility in the industry. I rely on the articles to keep the IFPS current in technologies and look forward to the eye-catching issues each and every month. I’d like to thank the Journal’s founders, Paul and Lisa Prass, for their personal and professional investment. Bet you didn’t know the magazine was started in their basement 25 years ago and has grown to a readership of over 50,000!   

So now I must ask, “What were you doing 60 years ago?”

Now that one is easy! I wasn’t born. However, the IFPS will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2020, and although I wasn’t born 60 years ago, I’ve been involved in the industry for 25 years. I’m sure you’ll agree that our industry has seen many changes!

What I’ve learned is the one thing that has stayed consistent in those 60 years is the dedication, commitment, and fortitude of so many fluid power professionals. From the Society’s humble beginnings in 1960 with a room full of industry-minded individuals to 2019 when the Society boasts close to 5,000 members and 10,000 active certifications, we’re all here to make the industry safer and stronger.

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