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Which Certification Test Should I Take?

IFPS has an online questionnaire to help you assess your job responsibilities and choose the most applicable IFPS certification.

  1. I am present for the start-up of new machines and systems that I built or helped to build.
  2. I use hand or power tools at least two hours per day.
  3. My job involves choosing components to use on new systems.
  4. I assemble components.
  5. I specify line sizes (either hydraulic or pneumatic).
  6. My reference library includes a book that has tables giving the properties of steel.
  7. I use a calculator in my work.
  8. I call on customers at their plant or office.
  9. I troubleshoot hydraulic or pneumatic systems that are not working properly.
  10. I make hose and tube assemblies or run air piping.
  11. I find and fix hydraulic and/or airline leaks.
  12. Vendors call to sell components to me.
  13. I design closed loop control circuits.
  14. I troubleshoot electrical circuits using electrical schematics.
  15. I am involved in performing maintenance on hydraulic or pneumatic equipment.
  16. My job involves the installation of seals or packing into components.
  17. I get involved in training customer’s employees either formally or informally.
  18. I regularly drive more than two hours per day in my work.
  19. If I visit a customer’s facility, the purpose is to make a repair or do troubleshooting.
  20. I perform data collection/instrumentation to evaluate products or troubleshoot systems.

To access visit www.ifps.org/faq

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